How do I choose an apartment or cottage?

How to make a choice: a country cottage or apartment? This question is now getting to the large number of people in the capital, as well as lying near the cities. Of course, the unique universal answer to this question does not exist, however, we can determine both the pluses and minuses for resheniy. Chto cottage, then moving out of the city, we not only change the fumes and cramped urban housing in the benefits of clean air and open spaces, but we also change and style of life, its rhythm and routine. Of course, this family-run, and the balance will evolve: it is necessary to abandon a number of past costs and introduce new ones. Incidentally, this item should be given special mention vnimanie. Dalee aspects that should be addressed vnimanie. Transportnaya availability. This was discussed a lot. When selecting a cottage we have to allocate some more time and money to ensure that every day to get to their homes, but as an advantage – no traffic jams on the majority of “cottage” areas (for example, if you choose to land on Novorizhskoe highway). Another problem – if the family a few adults, will likely need to have at least two cars that did not have to constantly make changes to the route and does not deal with situations in which depends on a single machine that is completely vse.Infrastruktura. Considerable number of problems can be avoided if the cottage village has its own extensive infrastructure (as an example – cottage settlements in the New Riga) – a kindergarten, school, shops, etc. Or, if the village is located close enough to the suburban towns with their infrastructure. If the settlement is small, and the entire infrastructure is reduced to the grocery store, you will need to plan a schedule of movements – a trip with their children to school, to buy food at the closest supermarket or shopping center is located, etc. – Is not as easy as it seems at first vzglyad.Raskhody. Many of today, buy economy-class suburban real estate (a vivid example of the modern economy class – at home at the New Riga), which seems a very reasonable solution. For example, an apartment in Moscow, it may be easily changed in the cottage with a suburban site. Most often, new cottage villages are built close to the suburban hypermarkets, which is very convenient in the sense that guarantees savings on the goods of prime necessity. Nevertheless, we must remember that the content of a cottage more. Further costs will require considerable fuel – so hope to lower costs when moving to the cottage should not be. However, if the administration of cottage settlement is a fair policy, these costs will not be too large, and will remain at quite reasonable ramkah. Hozyaystvennye questions. Many of the possession of your own home attracts opportunity, they say, be a true master, not the ordinary citizen high-rises, where very little can be done by hand. However, we must understand that the possession of the cottage imposes certain responsibilities. In addition, even seemingly trivial alteration chimney, replacement of a ladder or steps may lead to considerable raskhody. Takim way, if you choose a plot of land on Novorizhskoe highway or any other “cottage” direction, the result will be faced with several challenges, however, advantages of “country” way of life still more than privlekatelny. Bystry and quality Perfect Money USD – Liberty Reserve EUR.

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